Agile and responsive feedback at Cardiff; Failing fast and adapting quickly

Eleanor Mayo-Ward, Student Engagement Manager, Cardiff University

The Covid pandemic shone a spotlight on the need for effective student voice across the sector, and at Cardiff we had to adapt quickly to ensure we were meeting the needs of our students. This session will explore how Cardiff University, a Russell Group institution, adapted legacy approaches to student voice by utilising Blue to introduce Cardiff Pulse. Pulse is an agile, near real-time feedback mechanism that we launched each month from March-July 2021 to all our students. We’ll discuss the benefits of Pulse and an agile approach to student voice for both staff and students, and we’ll look at how we at Cardiff embraced failing fast to help us improve faster and some of the lessons we learned along the way.

At the end of the session attendees will have an understanding of:

  • How older universities can adapt legacy approaches to student voice
  • The benefits of an agile approach to student voice for both staff and student engagement
  • Approaches to designing a scheme for your own institution

About Eleanor Mayo-Ward

Eleanor Mayo-Ward is the Student Engagement Manager at Cardiff University, Wales, working across all aspects of student voice and engagement to enhance the student experience. Eleanor first started working in Student Engagement as Vice President Education at Bournemouth University Students’ Union, where she graduated with a first class degree in Psychology. Since then, her career has spanned several Student Engagement focused roles across the UK higher education sector including in English and Welsh HE Institutions, and at HEFCE and later the Office for Students, the regulator for English Higher education.

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