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Zayed University to Drive Continuous Improvement with Blue Course Evaluations, Surveys, and Text Analytics

Montreal, Canada – July 6, 2015 – Zayed University (ZU) has selected Blue as its all-in-one assessment system to improve the learning environment. By acquiring course evaluations, surveys, and text analytics, the university is ready to comprehensively assess all aspects of the teaching and learning experience.

Transitioning from a legacy tool, ZU requires a powerful solution that can integrate with current systems, increase engagement, and generate professional reports. By integrating Blue with their student information and learning management systems, the university can utilize their current data, automate processes, and enhance the user experience. Through Blue and Blackboard Learn™ integration, ZU is ready to raise both faculty and student engagement by making forms and reports easily accessible. This will result in increased LMS traffic, participation, and response rates, which are key for the university.

Focusing on innovation and continuous improvement, the institution needs to gather comprehensive data for analysis and planning. Blue Text Analytics (BTA) will play an important role in this by analyzing student open-ended comments to produce hundreds of new data points. Going beyond sentiment and keyword analysis, BTA will enable ZU to convert qualitative data into meaningful themes and quantifiable results. For decision making purposes, the institution will leverage Blue to create detailed reports displaying results in a variety of formats (charts, tables, graphs, etc.) to meet stakeholder needs.

Established in 1998, Zayed University is a government sponsored higher education institution located in United Arab Emirates. Accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education in the USA, ZU is first institution in the UAE to be internationally recognized. Offering undergraduate and graduate studies in a variety of fields, the university uses an outcomes-based academic model. Zayed University’s mission is to provide innovative programs and an excellent learning environment in order to prepare students for the world.



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