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Presidio Graduate School Selects Blue to Improve Quality of Education

Montreal, Canada – November 24, 2015 – As part of their mission-driven strategy to educate a new generation of leaders, Presidio Graduate School (PGS) has selected Blue as its online course evaluation system to help improve their quality of education.

Founded around the principles of sustainability, the university’s larger goal is to enhance its existing programs in order to stay competitive in the higher education landscape. They require a robust solution that supports their values and can handle program-wide analysis and benchmarking. As one of the most advanced online assessment systems, Blue will transition, manage, and fully automate their course evaluation process in time to meet their end of semester needs.

Key for the institution is Blue’s paper-free efficiency which helps minimize the use of resources, time, and effort. Fully customizable and automated, decision makers will have easy access to the data they need to drive academic improvement. With Blue, they will have the capability to produce professional reports in minutes, identify areas of opportunity, and automatically share valuable insights with the right people.

Dr. Sureli Patel, Director of Academic Affairs and the Registrar at PGS describes her initial experience with Blue, “we were looking for a hosted robust very straightforward and automated process (awesome feature!) in an online course evaluation system to replace our paper-based system and from Sales to Technology Integration to the hands-on Training, Explorance sets the bar high with solid customer focus & epitome of professionalism. I can’t wait to launch my first project!”

Based in San Francisco, California, Presidio Graduate School was recently listed as one of nine best business schools worldwide by the New York Times. Founded in 2003, PGS offers Masters in Business Administration (MBA), Masters in Public Administration (MPA), and a Dual MBA/MPA Degree in sustainability management. With 150 students and over 800 graduates working at well-known organizations (Facebook, Google, PG&E, LinkedIn), PGS is paving the way to ‘a new society in which people, prosperity and the planet are united’.


Chanel M. Sutherland
Marketing Content Specialist

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