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Media Coverage of Explorance’s New ‘Pandemic Perspectives’ Report

A recent article published by Business in the News highlighted Explorance’s recent ‘Module evaluation in a pandemic and beyond’ report, as published at the Bluenotes EUROPE Virtual Conference on March 26.

The article details how closing the feedback loop at Higher Education institutions remains a major challenge, even amid Covid-19 and the pivot to remote learning, and how this spurred Explorance to create this landmark report.

It goes on to detail the inclusive approach that this report took, directly consulting with student union leaders from across the UK and Ireland to get their take on how feedback gathering is viewed from the student perspective. This provides valuable insights on how Higher Education institutions can more successful apply Experience Management (XM) strategies. 

With insight from Explorance General Manager (Europe and Africa), John Atherton, the report reflects the opinions of many student leaders that better communication is required with student bodies to communicate “how their feedback is used (and benefits them)”, while also noting that “end-of-module evaluation surveys are here to stay.”

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