Komatsu Improves the Effectiveness of L&D with Metrics That Matter

Montreal, Canada – November 8, 2019 – Komatsu has selected Metrics That Matter (MTM) to improve the effectiveness of their learning and development (L&D) programs. MTM will provide data-driven insights that Komatsu can use to augment learning effectiveness.

Another key advantage is that now, with MTM, Komatsu can be even more strategic in their approach to L&D, moving beyond simple satisfaction data to align that data with business priorities. This increases the efficiency of their overall L&D process and – more importantly – will help build the story of value to the company’s leadership by demonstrating impact on business.


Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, Komatsu is an international leader in the field of construction and mining equipment.


Pavlo Tull
Marketing Communications Specialist


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