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Jonathan Lapierre Promoted to Chief Technology Officer of Explorance

Explorance recently announced the promotion of a new Chief Technology Officer: Jonathan Lapierre, formerly the company's Solutions Architect.

Wednesday, January 25, 2018 – Explorance is pleased to announce the promotion of Jonathan Lapierre as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) with the appointment effective immediately. Jonathan has long been a respected leader at Explorance and in High Tech roles with more than 18 years’ experience spanning software architecture, business Intelligence, app creation, infrastructure improvements, and web portals.

Prior to his promotion, Jonathan was the key architect and mind behind Bluepulse – the social feedback software. As CTO, he will oversee Explorance’s overall product portfolio which includes Blue and Bluepulse. He will also lead the effort of developing a long-term technology strategy for Explorance as the company furthers its commitment to ensuring it brings useful innovation to the marketplace.

In assuming this new role, Jonathan says he is striving to uphold Explorance’s signature innovative spirit and to do so in a way that prioritizes creativeness, collaboration, and most importantly - putting the human first.

It’s with great respect and honor that I take on the role of CTO at Explorance. I have come to love the culture of freewill here that spans further than just the walls of the office, but also into the products that are conceived. With this incredible team of experts and our awesome company culture, I am confident that together we can crystalize our position as a leading force for continuous improvement.”

Explorance CEO Samer Saab discusses the promotion:

“I have worked closely with Jonathan over the years, back from his Thoransoft days, and I have grown to respect his commitment to excellence, useful innovation, and his ability to adapt to fast technological change. What’s more I have grown to respect his strong sense of value as well as his people-centered leadership style. I am confident that with Jonathan’s addition to our great executive team, we will deliver even stronger value to our clients, globally.”

About Explorance

Explorance, a Learning Journey Analytics provider, supports organizations in making the right decisions with fact-based feedback data. Through its Blue suite of products, Explorance is at the heart of the learning organization's continuous improvement strategies. By helping organizations assess needs, expectations, and competencies, they can analyze with the full picture in mind and monitor improvement over time.

Founded in 2003, Explorance is a privately held corporation headquartered in Montreal, Canada with business units in APAC, Europe, and the MENA region. Since 2014, Explorance has been consecutively ranked as a top employer by the Great Places to Work Institute®. Explorance's clients include a wide variety of learning organizations from various segments including academia, consulting firms, government institutions, and corporations across the globe..

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