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Introducing Blue 8.0 – The New Face of XM

Montreal, Quebec – May 31, 2021 – Explorance, the leading provider of Experience Management (XM) solutions, is pleased to announce the release of Blue 8.0, our best-in-class XM platform.

This update is set to fulfil client needs in both the Higher Education and Enterprise space, delivering an unprecedented experience for administrators, instructors, learners and all stakeholders in the feedback process.

Blue 8.0 takes a human-first approach to Experience Management through a newly redesigned UI that helps organizations delight users, gather quality feedback data, get granular insights, and make better decisions.

Accessibility without Compromise

Blue 8.0’s New UI Displays Perfectly on Mobile, Tablet and Desktop
Blue 8.0’s new UI displays perfectly on mobile, tablet and desktop


Blue 8 allows you to meet your people where and how they want to be met. More engaging experiences await your survey respondents with an interface that looks and feels amazing on devices of all sizes.

Blue 8 also meets the very latest accessibility standards for WCAG 2.1 (AA) and Section 508.

Users will find interacting with surveys and evaluations much easier via additional touchpoints such as QR codes and SMS. The experience of using Blue 8.0 will be a holistic one, with a high-quality, equivalent experience for everyone.

Overcoming the Barriers to Engagement

Blue 8.0 Supports the Use of QR Codes for Rapid Self-Subscription
Blue 8.0 supports the use of QR codes for rapid selfsubscription


The ease-of-use and attractiveness of Blue 8.0 helps encourage users to fully complete evaluations and return to complete additional feedback tasks.  

The barriers to engagement have been lowered. Alongside self-enrollment options and QR codes for increased access to questionnaires, users can be rewarded for their participation with branded, official certificates that are supplied upon completion.

Improved Decision Support

Blue 8.0 offers customizable Question Personalization that helps capture the insights that really matter
Blue 8.0 offers customizable question personalization that helps capture the insights that really matter


Higher Education institutions and Enterprise-level businesses are focused on making the best possible decisions. This is accomplished by relying on sufficient high-quality data.

Blue 8.0’s ability to enable Question Personalization (QP) ensures that instructors and managers can more easily and rapidly build the kind of surveys and assessments that provide deep insight for their personal improvements.

A new approach to Subject Management increases transparency for instructors and managers, allowing those being evaluated to see exactly how far along the process they are, and what else needs to be done.

Insights That Matter

More and better-quality feedback means better informed decisions. In addition to all the engagement features (QR codes, QP, etc.), Blue 8 allows administrators to automate up to 5 reminders – including an invitation and a completion notification helping further drive engagement.

The Blue Feedback Dashboard is also built to support data driven decision-making. The UI is built for smooth use no matter what the user role, with easy querying of data, navigation, and interactivity to unveil actionable insights from your feedback initiatives.

Ultimately, Blue 8.0 better facilitates the realization of key data points, helping organizations make the best possible choices in instruction, administration, and HR policy.

To learn about the other features of Blue 8.0, click here for a recently-published Q&A with Explorance’s Director of Product Management, Nitin Sharma.

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