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Hans Dam, DevSecOps Manager at Explorance, Wins Veracode Secure Code Champion

Montreal, Quebec – August 5, 2021. – Explorance’s DevSecOps Engineering Manager Hans Dam, has recently become the first of the Veracode Community to win the title of Secure Code Champion.

Coming off three consecutive championships in the Secure Coding Challenge, a monthly coding competition, Hans recently spoke with the Veracode Community in relation to his experience in coding competitions and his career.

The Veracode Community is a group of developers and software engineers who support one another though their Veracode journey of delivering secure software.

Hans joined Explorance in 2016 as a software engineer. Taking advantage of the opportunities for progression and ongoing learning that Explorance offers, Hans’ moved into his current role as DevSecOps Engineering Manager in 2021. Read more about Hans’ advice to developers looking to break into security, and the opportunities Explorance offers developers in his Veracode Community Champion Spotlight.

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