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Explorance’s Blue Selected by WVNET to Automate Course Evaluations and Feedback for WROCKS

Montreal, Quebec – November 18, 2021 – Explorance is happy to announce a new partnership with WVNET, the West Virginia Network for Educational Telecomputing.

In the context of WVNET facilitating the best possible service for WROCKS, the West Virginia Remote Online Collaborative Knowledge System, the Blue Experience Management (XM) platform has been selected to facilitate surveying for WROCKS as it makes the transition to a new Learning Management System. 

Key factors in the selection of Blue included its automated surveying capabilities. This will support a more agile and comprehensive approach to remote student assessments for WROCKS, ensuring that all students are receiving an equivalent learning experience.

In addition, the Blue’s centralized approach to feedback will ensure rapid and actionable insights, helping to support data-driven decisions and identify which aspects of instruction require particular focus. 

This provision of Blue will help to support the Student Experience for all Higher Education participants engaged in remote learning across West Virginia – providing the robust reporting needed to assist course management at the state’s institutions and ensure equity across student bodies.


WVNET is a dedicated service organization tasked with supporting computer and telecommunications services throughout West Virginia. With a focus on supporting Higher Education institutions and public services, WVNET provides high-quality but affordable technology services to its clients.

WROCKS is a collaboration effort and web portal utilized by West Virginia’s Higher Education institutions to better deliver remote learning online. WROCKS offers a range of courses, the vast majority of which are 100% online, and provides achievable learning opportunities in an average eight-week time frame. WROCK facilitates better access to accredited Higher Education for West Virginians through its dedicated web portal. 

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Content Marketing Specialist

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