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Explorance to Host Two Sessions at Upcoming Center for Talent Reporting (CTR) Conference

Montreal, Quebec – October 18, 2021 – Explorance, the leading provider of Employee Experience Management (EXM) solutions, is pleased to announce two special sessions at the upcoming Center for Talent Reporting (CTR) Conference. These sessions will tell the story of developing a crucial measurement strategy alongside Kraft Heinz, and the transformative power of new AI-powered comment analysis.

A long-standing partner of CTR, Explorance will act as platinum sponsors of this year’s CTR Conference, with Explorance’s team contributing to welcomes, introductions, and sessions throughout the conference.

CTR Conference 2021

The 8th annual CTR Conference will take place virtually from November 2-4.

This year’s free conference offers three days of panel discussions, breakout sessions, keynote speeches, and sessions covering the latest developments in L&D and HR reporting, measurement, and management.

With a special focus on ‘Building Sustainable Measurement Capability’, this year’s conference is ideal for HR & L&D leaders, managers, and professionals seeking to increase the effectiveness of their organization’s measurement and management of human capital.

This conference will reflect CTR’s ongoing mission to promote and develop the adoption of reporting standards to meet the needs of senior executives, talent management leaders, and other stakeholders. Attendees can expect several sessions focused on key topics from CTR’s very latest publication, ‘Measurement Demystified’.  

Explorance-Lead Sessions

Explorance’s presentations at this year’s CTR Conference are:

  • Creating a Measurement Strategy to Tell Your Value Story’ – 2 Nov at 1.40pm ET – with Jennifer Balcom, Director of Consulting at Explorance and Lan Tran, Head of Governance, Technology and Operations for L&D at Kraft Heinz – 2 Nov at 1.40pm ET. This session will provide insight into how Explorance and Kraft Heinz partnered to create a strategy of measurement that addresses the key question: Did learning make an impact and positively affect behavior outcomes? This session will outline the practical approach, tools, and frameworks used in building this strategy.
  • ‘From Text Analytics to Comment Analysis: How AI Transforms Your Learning Measurement Qualitative Strategy’ – 3 Nov at 12:05pm ET – This session, hosted by Explorance’s Senior Consultant, Steve Lange, will introduce attendees to the next generation of HR-trained comment analysis tools, and how they can provide deep insights into qualitative feedback. Pulling from real-world experiences and examples gleaned from the development of Explorance’s BlueML, a unique comment analysis solution, Steve will reveal the impressive level of sentiment analysis and predictive analytics now available, and how this can provide rapid, action-focused analysis at scale.

Why Attending CTR Conference Matters Now

The CTR Conference takes place as the ‘The Great Resignation’ continues to unfold– an ongoing period of high-level employee turnover occurring in the United States and beyond.

The importance of adopting a comprehensive approach to feedback, measurement and evaluation is increasingly clear. An organization capable of adopting such a strategy will realize better performances and employee satisfaction, and reduce attrition in a highly competitive human capital marketplace.

The challenge of capturing and understanding qualitative employee sentiment remains vitally important in informing this process. Collecting and collating qualitative feedback is the root of this issue – but new approaches and technology are opening the door to truly rapid, reliable, and in-depth analysis.

This year’s CTR Conference will ensure attendees are up to speed on how to achieve L&D and HR excellence in the current environment.

Register now to strengthen your knowledge of measurement and reporting strategies and connect with the professionals who have achieved success in this field.

Learn more at the official conference website.

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