Explorance Named a 2021 Best Workplace™ for Mental Wellness

Montreal, Quebec – June 1, 2021 – In addition to being named the #1 Best Workplace™ in Canada for 2021, the Great Place to Work® Institute has today recognized Explorance as a 2021 Best Workplace™ for Mental Wellness.

The award comes in addition to previous recognition this year which recognized Explorance as a 2021 Best Workplace™ for Inclusion, and as a 2021 Best Workplace™ for Women.

The list for Best Workplace™ for Mental Wellness is based on direct feedback from employees of the hundreds of organizations that were surveyed by Great Place to Work®. The data has a 90% confidence and a plus or minus 5% margin of error.

To be eligible for this list, organizations must be Great Place to Work- Certified™ in the past year, and at least 80% of employees must agree their workplace is psychologically and emotionally healthy. They determined the best organizations based on the overall Mental Wellness Index score from employees.

How Mental Wellness is Support at Explorance

Explorance, as a workplace, strives to support a welcoming culture of trust and reciprocity. The company’s employees, or Explorers, are treated as individuals who are worthy of respect, consideration, and responsibility. This commitment extends from the company’s C-suite executives to every employee in every department.

Supporting mental wellness, especially in the context of the challenges of the last year, is a vital and never-ending process at Explorance. However, we have recently made significant efforts to increase support for the company’s workforce.

This includes a week-long Well-Being Check-in in February 2021. This comprised an extensive range of practical and social activities to benefit both emotional and mental health. From workshops on processing stress, to physical-activity-based workshops and group activities, the goal of this week was to provide a sustained selection of diverse ways for employees to process difficulties and nourish their mental well-being.

Beyond this, Explorance brings the importance of mental health into the work schedule of every Explorer. Regular personal check-ins between staff and their managers are an institutional aspect of life at Explorance, ensuring that workloads are correctly balanced, and helping to take into account life events, stress, and developments outside of work.

Explorance recognizes that choosing to work at this company implies a certain level of trust. This must be returned, in the form of support for those who continue to make Explorance a success. Indeed, this forms a cornerstone of our evolution as a workplace.

In addition to our culture of reciprocity, and specific events and campaigns like the above, Explorance extends the provision of substantive measures to employees outside the hours of work. This includes a dedicated support hotline made available to all our employees, as part of the company’s comprehensive health benefits.

This 24/7 resource is another resource put into place to better support Explorers as they continue to navigate the ongoing challenge of retaining mental wellness going forward.

About Explorance

At Explorance, we believe that each experience matters. From students in higher education to employees at the workplace, feedback is vital for the lifelong learner’s journey. That’s why Explorance’s mission is to help organizations create a personalized journey of impact and fulfillment for their people through innovative Experience Management (XM) solutions. We believe in the human touch at Explorance and are known for our pioneering culture of trust and reciprocity. Explorance is ranked as the #1 best workplace in Canada by the Great Places to Work® Institute and is headquartered in Montreal with business units in Chicago, Chennai, London, Amman, and Melbourne.

About Great Place to Work®:

Great Place to Work is the global authority on high-trust, high-performance workplace cultures. Through proprietary assessment tools, advisory services, and certification programs, GPTW recognizes the world’s Best Workplaces in a series of national lists including those published by The Globe & Mail (Canada) and Fortune magazine (USA). Great Place to Work provides the benchmarks, framework, and expertise needed to create, sustain, and recognize outstanding workplace cultures. For more information, visit the Great Place to Work website

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