Explorance Is A Platinum Sponsor of HCI’s People Analytics and Workforce Planning Conference

Chicago, Illinois – March 3, 2020 – Explorance is proud to be a platinum sponsor of HCI’s People Analytics and Workforce Planning Conference taking place in Aventura, Florida on March 23-25! This event’s focus on aligning business strategy with insights gleaned from employee feedback aligns with Explorance’s people-centered approach to help HR organizations drive employee engagement, loyalty, and advocacy by combining experience management with continuous listening. We’re excited to attend and learn from other experts in the field, particularly about how they are applying people analytics across the talent lifecycle as this speaks directly to the work we have been doing with Employee Journey Analytics.

HCI research has uncovered that “only 17% of organizations rate themselves as highly effective in measuring the impact of people and talent management programs,” which means that there is incredible opportunity for improvement in this space! Stop by our table in the King South Foyer (outside the King Ballroom) to learn more about our solutions that drive innovation by helping companies make data-informed, people-centered decisions.


Cheslyn Lesick
Manager, Conferences and External Events

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