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Explorance Introduces BlueML for Higher Education

Montreal, Quebec and Chicago, IL – April 5, 2022 – Explorance, a global leader in People Insight Solutions, announces today that BlueML, a one-of-a-kind machine learning platform, is now available for use by Higher Education institutions. BlueML swiftly transforms mass student qualitative feedback data into clear insights and actionable recommendations, improving teaching effectiveness and student success.

The considerable amount of unstructured data gathered through course evaluations and other student surveys can make it difficult for institutions to process the responses and react to the feedback in a timely manner. In 2015, Explorance introduced Blue Text Analytics (BTA), a text analysis tool that has since been used for student feedback categorization, pattern recognition, sentiment recognition, and visualization – all aimed at identifying the root cause hidden in student comments about teaching and learning. “The rapid change precipitated by the COVID-19 pandemic has underlined the need for higher responsiveness and expanded context in comment analysis systems,” says Samer Saab, CEO of Explorance. “The text analytics dictionaries that most tools are relying on no longer keep up with the pace of disruption and thus, their analysis is not deep enough to unearth nuances such as emotional attribution toward topics, new themes, or specific actions suggested in the feedback comments,” adds Saab.

“We needed an insightful new solution that could decipher what students are really talking about, how they are feeling, and what actions would help meet their needs and expectations,” says Explorance’s Head of Machine Learning, Alexis Tremblay. “Ultimately, we aimed to create a platform that provides better actionable insights while increasing its agility and precision in analyzing qualitative student feedback.” BlueML’s machine learning models take into consideration what the student is specifically referring to (topics or people), the nature of the challenge/assent (attributes or qualifiers), how the student feels about them, and what could help make things better. This prescriptive approach to feedback analytics leads to gradual and continuous enhancements in teaching effectiveness and ultimately improves student success.

The BlueML platform has gained this contextual knowledge by analyzing tens of thousands of feedback data from a vast array of higher education institutions across the full spectrum of a student’s educational experience.

To learn more about how BlueML can support your key decisions about teaching effectiveness and student success, schedule a personalized demo.

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Founded in 2003, Explorance supports more than 20 million students and employees in their professional journey of purpose, growth, and impact.

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