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Explorance Facilitates Quebec Technology Association (AQT) in Key Membership Survey Using BlueX

Montreal, Quebec – May 20, 2021 – Explorance is happy to announce the successful facilitation of a key membership survey for the Quebec Technology Association (AQT). This was carried out using BlueX, a highly customizable survey solution.

As a Quebec-based technology firm itself, Explorance is happy to announce this collaboration, and to assist the ATQ in its mission to better represent, advocate, and empower ICT-related businesses across Quebec.

As a major industry group, the AQT regularly consults its extensive membership base, which consists of over 500 individual organizations, businesses, and enterprises.

Following a membership survey carried out in the spring of 2020, the AQT was seeking to follow up a year later with another detailed survey. The goal was to gather crucial information on how member organizations across Quebec were dealing with the challenges posed by COVID-19 and the ongoing pandemic.  

BlueX’s user-friendly interface and customization options facilitated AQT staff in utilizing the software to swiftly program and disseminate the exact survey that was required. This was then distributed to an extensive member base at an optimal time for responses.

Throughout the survey, reminder emails were distributed via BlueX that displayed trusted AQT email information and visual identifiers – ensuring a satisfactory response rate amongst members who viewed and opened the survey reminders.

Finally, AQT staff were able to swiftly access reports detailing results, even as the survey was ongoing, using BlueX’s easy-to-use dashboard to extract the most impactful data.

Following the successful survey, AQT Project Manager Caroline Champagne commented:

“(BlueX) is very user-friendly. In addition, we can follow the results in real-time, which is very exciting. We can also output the data as many times as we wish and in many different ways. The power to extract the data in different ways allows us to make a better analysis of the results. I really enjoyed working with (BlueX).”

BlueX’s detailed reporting capacity stands to provide the AQT with significant insight on the more pressing needs and experiences of its membership during Covid-19.


About Explorance
At Explorance, we believe that each experience matters. As the leading provider of Experience  Management (XM) solutions, we work to empower organizations around the world to better gather and utilize feedback in a way that supports real impact and fulfillment. We accomplish this with our Blue suite of products, which are designed to facilitate data-driven feedback at every touchpoint. Explorance is headquartered in Montreal with business units located in London, Chennai, Chicago, Amman, and Melbourne.


More About the Quebec Technology Association (AQT)
The Quebec Technology Association (Association québécoise des technologies, or AQT) is at the heart of Quebec’s thriving technology and ICT business sector. Representing 500 organizations and firms, the AQT supports IT leaders in Quebec by fostering skill development, business performance enhancement, and the advancement of best commercial practices within the sector. The AQT is a non-profit and self-funded organization, representing and acting as a major proponent for technological excellence – and as Quebec’s largest ICT business network.


Lorcan Archer
Marketing Content Specialist

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