Explorance CEO Takes a Firm Stand Against Racism

 “We are committed to fairness, social justice, diversity, and a better world for all people,” reads the ribbon at the top of the Explorance homepage. Before that, we posted to our social media pages a very clear message denouncing racism and injustice of any kind.

The addition of these messages arrives amid ongoing anger and protest over the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers on May 25, 2020. Since then, thousands of protestors took to the streets across the US and the world to demand justice for George Floyd and the black community as a whole.

Explorance CEO Samer Saab also took to his LinkedIn profile to share a personal and emotional article.

“Live a decent life and die without fear: these are 2 basic rights that I believe should be fundamentally afforded to every living being with whom we share our planet,” Samer states firmly in the opening lines. He goes on to describe his own experience watching George Floyd beg for his life for nearly nine minutes, as those around him stood by. He asks:

And for what? For a $20 bill that may have been fake? Even if it were fake, wouldn’t that tell them that George possibly needed money? And wouldn’t it have been better if they served and protected by helping him…?

“To every Black Explorer, to every hurting Explorer, to every Black man and woman in the USA, and the world,” he continues. “I am deeply sorry for what you have gone through, what you continue to go through, and deep down inside, I know that the right causes never fade. It is the spirit of those that are gone that continues to guide humanity to better horizons.”


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