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Explorance CEO Samer Saab Discusses the Importance of Turning Feedback into Action with Remote Report

Montreal, Quebec – November 8, 2021 – Explorance CEO Samer Saab recently appeared in a feature article by Remote Report, entitled ‘Are You Listening? Why it’s critical for employers to transform employee feedback into action’.

In this article, Samer gave his perspective on the ongoing issue of employers collecting feedback, but not making policy changes or timely decisions based on this feedback.

This often results in a negative employee experience for those who do not see their feedback being valued.

“About a third of any group believes that organizations are not doing enough with the feedback they received”, explained Samer, who goes on to outline how a lack of a comprehensive strategy hamstrings these organizations.

A common scenario is the organization will store that data into isolated data silos and not take timely action based on the feedback they’ve expended time and effort to collect.

“Chances are, they are going to know how to convert [employee enterprise survey] data into meaningful insights,” continued Samer.

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At Explorance, each experience matters. Through best-in-class Employee Experience Management (EXM) solutions, Explorance empowers organizations to make personalized and impactful decisions with feedback data. Through its offerings; BlueMLMetrics That Matter (MTM)BlueX and Blue, Explorance supports the lifelong learner journey and helps organizations to make the best possible data-driven decisions.

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