Explorance Announces the Latest MTM Release: Accelerating Speed to Insight

Montreal, Canada – February 19, 2019 – Today, Explorance announces highlights of the most recent release of Metrics That Matter (MTM) – the Learning & Development Effectiveness Platform. This new release focuses on “Accelerating Speed to Insight” and features the introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and advanced statistical analysis into the newly-designed report suite – marking a major leap forward for the industry. MTM users can now confidently shift their focus from data (what happened) to insight (why it happened and how to make it better) faster than ever. Key features for this MTM release includes the following.

Native Key Driver Analysis

 The new Key Driver Analysis feature applies multivariate regression modeling to analyze what is driving the scores of key metrics like Net Promoter Score, Scrap Learning (training not applied on the job), and Estimated Performance Improvement (a predictive measure that leverages the ROI Institute’s guiding principles of estimate, isolate, and adjust for bias).

Advanced statistics run on your specific data set in the background and reveal the top two areas that, if improved, will have the greatest positive impact on each key metric. For example, the report may reveal that one curriculum manager may need to focus on enhancing the content relevance to improve job application and reduce scrap. Another may need to focus on strengthening on-the-job post-training support. MTM will tailor the analysis automatically, allowing those at the front lines to quickly make the adjustments that matter and allow your organization’s data scientists to focus on more demanding analysis.

AI-driven Learner Comment Analysis

 Quantitative metrics provide easy comparison, but qualitative data completes the story of “what is working and what can be improved.” MTM uses AI through Natural Language Processing to break learner comment data into phrases, which are themed and assigned a positive, negative, or neutral sentiment.

Easy to read graphical visualization allows MTM users to easily see dominant themes, grouped by sentiment, which allow for targeted deep analysis to quickly find the insights you need to contextualize the results.

Additional enhancements for course report recipients simplifies the process for anyone who is interested in a specific set of courses to receive automated reports. Now they can monitor results and drill into the data that’s most important to them through personalized dashboards and additional filtering capabilities in the MTM Data Explorer tool. New user log-in profiles allow more stakeholders to easily access their own data, saving your power-users time so they can focus on more strategic data analysis.

To learn more about these innovations and how they can bring immediate value to your organization, reach out to your account team or learn more about Metrics That Matter at https://explorance.com/products/metrics-that-matter/


About Explorance

Explorance is a Learning Journey Analytics provider that empowers organizations in making the right decisions with fact-based feedback data. Through the Blue suite of products and Metrics That Matter, Explorance is at the heart of the learning organization’s continuous improvement strategy.

Founded in 2003, Explorance is headquartered in Montreal with business units in Melbourne, Amsterdam, and the USA. Since 2014, Explorance has been consecutively ranked as a top employer by the Great Places to Work Institute®. Explorance’s clients include a wide variety of learning organizations from various segments including academia, enterprise, consulting, and government across the globe.



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