Erasmushogeschool Brussel Chooses Blue for Multilingual Course Evaluations and Surveys

Montreal, Canada – December 12th, 2018 – Erasmus University College Brussels (EhB)) has selected Blue to support course evaluations and surveys institution-wide. Driving their decision is Blue’s inherent multilingual capabilities, which will ensure that every student at EhB receives the best evaluation experience in their desired language (Flemish, French, or English).

EhB will also benefit from an alliance partnership between Explorance and Canvas - their Learning Management System (LMS). This partnership includes a best-in-class integration between Blue and Canvas which creates streamlined evaluation processes to help drive engagement.

EhB serves a population of 6,000 students in four departments across five campuses in Brussels, Belgium. Internationalization and equal opportunities for all are important priorities for EhB as they continue to focus on the intercultural dimension of curricula and develop innovative teaching and learning methods.


Chanel Sutherland
Manager, Global Content & Brand Strategy

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