Cape Breton University Takes Course Evaluations Online with Blue

Montreal, Canada – May 22, 2020 – Explorance is happy to announce its partnership with Cape Breton University (CBU). CBU will take its course evaluation process online with Blue.

The university was in search of an online solution to replace its paper-based course evaluation system used for Spring and Summer courses. Replacing that system was motivated by the need to move all courses online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The university had relied on paper evaluations prior due to the irregular start and stop dates of their Spring and Summer courses. Any online solution would have to address this need.

Blue, with its versatile structure, will accommodate the university’s complex evaluation processes, specifically meeting their need for a system that can handle different start and end dates. This ensures that courses with differing structures will be able to take advantage of Blue’s streamlined workflow and full automation made possible by a best-in-class IT integration.

Also, Cape Breton will be able to benefit from Blue Analytics, which will help them dig into student feedback and get deeper insights from open-ended feedback. Through Blue’s machine learning capabilities, raw feedback data will be categorized, and sentiment analysis can help the institution interpret underlying feelings students may be expressing.

Blue’s instructor feedback dashboards will give faculty a centralized area where they can view results from all their courses and quickly sort through results based on demographics and other criteria.


Located in Nova Scotia, Canada, Cape Breton University offers liberal arts, science, business, health, and professional programs on the first energy self-sufficient campus in North America.

Pavlo Tull
Marketing Communications Specialist



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