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Aarhus University Opts for DIG to Improve Data Quality

Montreal, Canada – January 13, 2016 – Aarhus University School of Business and Social Sciences (BSS) has chosen the Data Integrity Gateway (DIG) to support more complex student information system (SIS) data. Already leveraging the power of Blue since 2014, Aarhus represents the first European institution to add the DIG functionality.

With plans to expand their existing course evaluation process, Aarhus requires a tool that can ease the task of scheduling while making sure the data they collect is clean. Seamlessly integrating with the university’s IT systems Blackboard Learn™ and Oracle, DIG will automate processes, reducing the workflow for individuals preparing the data. University administrators will be able to manage and run multiple cleanup projects simultaneously from within a single tool. The DIG system automatically follows up with stakeholders and reminds them of their required updates until the tasks have been completed. With new transformed data, Aarhus will be able to gather accurate analytics-ready insights that can be used to drive improvement and growth.

For flexibility reasons, Aarhus BSS also plans to use DIG to collect additional information from instructors prior to their evaluations. This information will be used in the evaluation project to trigger the right questions. DIG allows the university to expand and manipulate data any way they want. In multi-instructor courses, instructors will have the opportunity to choose whether to be evaluated as a team or individually. In the case of individual evaluations the questions concerning the instructor’s performance will be repeated for each individual teacher in the questionnaire.

One of four faculties at Aarhus University, the School of Business and Social Sciences (BSS) is one of the largest business schools in Europe. With over 14,400 full-time students, 250 PhD students and approximately 600 faculty members, Aarhus BSS is home to a large number of research centres, two of which are internationally recognized. In 2010 Dale T. Mortensen, a Niels Bohr professor at Aarhus together with two other researchers was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences.


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