Webinar: Expert Module Evaluation Email Notifications that Boost Response Rates

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Did you know that email continues to be the primary and most effective way to communicate with faculty and students during module evaluations? A properly designed email can increase transparency, boost faculty and student engagement – and most importantly – improve your response rates. But what makes for a well-designed email?

At Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), they combine their past experience using online evaluations with Blue’s feature set to craft standout emails that maximise student responses. With over 225,000 evaluations conducted per year and 200,000+ notifications sent – writing effective emails is a vital part of the University’s strategy to conduct successful response rate campaigns. This webinar will focus on VCU’s lessons learned using Blue® and best practices explained with actionable examples.

The University will share their first-hand experience including challenges and opportunities and how they leverage Blue to raise response rates in order to get quality feedback.


  • How to write better content that engages and initiates an action
  • What has or hasn’t worked for VCU
  • Using email personalisation to get better responses
  • HTML/CSS formatting
  • A/B testing to optimise content and drive better results
  • Appropriate timing for sending emails


Gaurav Gupta, IT Analyst, Virginia Commonwealth University

The presentation will ensure we have time to answer questions and let audience members share their experiences.

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