Explorance Delivers a Better Way to Interact with Learning Data – MTM 8.0 is Here!

Intuitive user experience and centralized reporting for multiple learning events mean L&D leaders get the data they need to drive actions, improvements, and decisions in learning programs.

Montreal, Canada – August 27, 2020 – At Explorance, we are committed to delivering the best user experiences and the latest innovations in Metrics That Matter (MTM), the L&D effectiveness solution. For us, that means a close partnership with Metrics That Matter users and our UI/UX team to help us improve MTM’s usability. We’re excited to announce that our latest release MTM 8.0 is here and offers L&D leaders and champions a better way to interact with the platform and – more importantly – with their learning data.

An Efficient and Intuitive User Experience

Modern Navigation Menu: Users will now have a new way to navigate Metrics That Matter with a more intuitive and re-organized Navigation Menu. The menu is more concise and sorted by categories (Data Collection, Administration, Reporting) to make it easier to find the important information they need. 

Metrics That Matter by Explorance navigation menu
Metrics That Matter by Explorance navigation menu.


New and Improved Homepage: In addition, the re-designed MTM Homepage provides users with key statistics for learning programs immediately when they first log in (Enrollment, Survey Submissions, Average Score, etc.). Users will also see their recent activity and popular shortcuts, allowing them to access the information they want faster.

Metrics That Matter by Explorance homepage
Metrics That Matter by Explorance homepage.

Centralized Reporting and Dashboards

Support for Conference Data in Dashboards and Data Explorer: While there are lots of different types of learning, they share many of the same core metrics. MTM users with the conference module can now view Conference Data along with Class Performance Data in Dashboards and Data Explorer. This will centralize reporting for organizations who want to view all learning programs’ data in a single experience.

Metrics That Matter by Explorance Conference Performance dashboard
Metrics That Matter by Explorance Conference Performance dashboard.

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Improved Recommendations in Report Card: It’s important to identify and understand the drivers of learning program outcomes to improve them and maximize performance. With MTM 8.0, users of the Report Card report can now have more significant and relatable key driver recommendations to help improve their key metrics. This will make the recommendations more relevant so that they know what changes to make in their L&D processes.

With MTM 8.0, our goal was to help L&D leaders get the most out of their learning data – without needing to do a lot of unnecessary extra work. Join us for the MTM 8.0 release webinar on September 22 to learn about these enhancements and more.


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To get a sneak peek into behind the making of MTM 8.0, read the Q&A with Explorance Product Manager, Eric Matson.


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