Special Bluepulse offer for Blackboard Institutions: Stay Connected with Students During Remote Learning

Written by Explorance.

The COVID-19 pandemic has literally shifted the learning landscape and left many colleges and universities worldwide replacing in-person courses with online teaching. Millions of students, instructors, and other Higher Education staff members are affected by this sudden transition and subsequent adaptation.

Committed to supporting student success, Explorance wants to do our part to help institutions mitigate the disruption inherent to this change. We’re giving a free 3-month Bluepulse site-wide license to any Blackboard institution that wishes to get started by April 30, 2020.

The following FAQ has more information about this initiative. You can also contact us to get started with your free, institution-wide Bluepulse license.

What is the process to get started with my Bluepulse trial?

Let us know you are interested by filling out this form. We will follow up with additional information, execute a zero-dollar proposal, and get you going in less than 10 days.

Is the Bluepulse software easy to set up and learn?

Absolutely. Bluepulse is LTI-certified and works seamlessly with Blackboard, so no IT support is needed. We will walk your LMS administrator through the simple setup process. Regarding system usage, a 15-minute onboarding session is typically all that is required, and you will receive personalized support from our Customer Success team to support any questions that arise during the trial period. Bluepulse is designed mobile-first, with a familiar interface that students, instructors, and administrative staff will be able to use immediately.

What happens at the end of the trial period?

After you’ve experienced Bluepulse firsthand, if you decide to commit to it beyond the free trial, we will assist you in the process. If you choose not to continue, there are no additional obligations to your institution. The data collected during the trial period belongs to you, and you may download it directly from Bluepulse at any time.

Who will benefit from using Bluepulse?

Bluepulse helps institutions and instructors connect with their students about anything that relates to the educational experience. It’s never been more critical to be able to directly reach students and instructors to gather their feedback on the educational experience instantly. Bluepulse is not a survey tool; it is an engagement hub that allows for immediate, confidential feedback collection and personalized or response-based follow-up. Bluepulse will benefit everyone in your institution, including leadership, campus service administrators, instructors, and students.

How might our instructors use Bluepulse?

Bluepulse enables instructors to check-in with their students at any time, anywhere, and about any teaching and learning matter. Bluepulse helps instructors optimize the overall learning experience, leave no student behind, and enhance their teaching effectiveness.

How might our students use Bluepulse?

Bluepulse gives students a way to connect with everyone on campus, including their classmates, instructors, and campus services, helping to optimize their overall learning and educational experience.

How will Bluepulse help our administrators?

Bluepulse provides a real-time communication channel to reach students to check-in on their well-being, share vital information and resources, and follow up with students who are disengaged. Because responses can be confidential, you can learn more about potential barriers to student success and make more informed decisions on how to support and retain as many students as possible. The Bluepulse mobile app means you can continue checking in with students, even after the semester ends.

We can help, now.

We are confident that Bluepulse will help you engage with your students more easily, in a time when they need your institution’s support more than ever. Contact us today to get started with your free trial.


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