Metrics That Matter: A New Standard in Learning Measurement

Written by Pavlo Tull.

Today, one of the most important aspects of any organization is learning, whether it involves training new hires or having longtime employees learn new skills. With such an investment in learning and development (L&D), those who manage learning functions must ensure that they continue to align with business goals and outcomes. To do so, the traditional approach to learning measurement must evolve.

This is where Metrics That Matter (MTM) comes in to play. A learning & development effectiveness platform, MTM combines science with technology and analytics. Now L&D managers can identify scrap learning, optimize training programs, and communicate program contributions to every stakeholder.

Start with an unrivaled data set and benchmarks to drive substantial ROI. Automatically collect evaluations from any learning program throughout your entire organization. Leverage advanced business intelligence technology to provide insights into learning data. 

Are you ready to engage in the effective measurement of your learning programs? Then check out the following Metrics That Matter resources:

MTM Impact Community: With a focus on collaboration, the community offers many resources for MTM users including upcoming webinars, training sessions, and events.

MTM Impact Symposium 2019: Join experts from MTM along with other learning professionals in Tucson, AZ from March 27- 29.

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