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Quentin Ferrer

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Synopsis: Why does someone choose to become and remain an Explorer? Explorance’s Software Development Manager, Quentin Ferrer recounts the beginnings of his software development career in France, how he became a key member of the Explorance team, and how a commitment to learning enabled this.

Explorance’s vision is to realize the full potential in every single person across their journey of learning, development, growth, and productivity – this includes our very own Explorers.

In constantly enabling and supporting one another, Explorance thrives on pushing innovation and investing in individual progression and growth.

Quentin Ferrer, Software Development Manager, is an Explorer who has progressed from a Full Stack Developer into a managerial role over a short time due to his commitment, hard work, and natural leadership. Here’s his story.

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Before arriving in Montreal, Canada, in September 2019, Quentin lived and worked in Toulouse and Perpignan, France. Growing up, Quentin spent his time like most kids playing team sports such as basketball and soccer, noting this as one of the reasons why he enjoys working alongside a group of people. At age 18, Quentin discovered computer science at an engineering school in Paris, where he saw his first line of code. From that moment, Quentin said it was like “reading a book, it was clear for me, and that it is something I will do for the rest of my life.”

In the last year of completing his studies in Toulouse, Quentin decided to participate in as many software engineering competitions as possible. Participating in Microsoft’s Imagine Cup, Quentin managed to reach the final of the competition, where he presented his project in Paris. At the final, the director of the competition’s sponsor, Avanade, gave a speech that caught Quentin’s attention and inspired him to work for the company. During the cocktail party at the end of the event, Quentin had the opportunity to speak to the director and exchange details, which eventually led to Quentin joining Avanade just 6 months later.

Beginning his software engineering career with Avanade, Quentin was lucky to be a part of a new company project in a familiar place for him, Toulouse. Being surrounded by knowledgeable and highly skilled individuals, Quentin continued to develop his own set of skills which ultimately led to many successful projects and promotions.

But eventually the day came when Quentin realized he was in a comfort zone, he wanted to change things up. Knowing he had the skills and talent to be comfortable in his role, he sought a new challenge – a new country.

A New Challenge

Arriving in Montreal, Canada, Quentin wanted to work for a company that fit a specific profile. Desiring a change from his previous consultancy work, but not attracted to a brand new start-up company, Quentin wanted to work for a company that had its own software. Just 2 days after beginning his job search in Montreal, Quentin landed on the perfect match at Explorance.

Starting at Explorance as a Full Stack Developer, Quentin quickly learned the ins and outs of Explorance’s People Insight Platform, Blue, by spending his first 3 months fixing different bugs and problems found in the software. During this time, Quentin began to embrace the company’s open culture of reciprocity as he worked with a team complete with senior developers, who knew the product inside out, down to brand new developers such as himself.

“Just a few words (that come to mind about Explorance)… confidence, fun times, unity in the face of challenges, no man left behind, and everyone’s words mattering regardless of your role, tile, or experience…”

Quentin’s hard-work and natural leadership saw him quickly promoted to his role today as a Software Development Manager. This role sees Quentin wear different hats day-to-day, fixing problems, and helping others who need his support.

Additionally, Quentin has also volunteered to be this year’s Internship Program Manager, which he is now conducting interviews and actively recruiting for new interns to join the Explorance team.

Being An Explorer

Even when conducting interviews, Quentin notes that Explorance’s supportive culture is seen and felt from the start. He works to ensure that potential Explorers feel the same sentiments he did when he began his journey at Explorance.

“Every time [another manager and I] do an interview, the candidate can see that this is like a family, we’re laughing a lot – [the candidate] can feel it. I can tell you that Explorance is better for that, that, and that, but you could just feel it, and it’s really true.”

As a manager, Quentin embodies what it means to be an Explorer, as someone who is knowledgeable, can be trusted, and is committed to a lifelong journey of continuous learning. Today, Quentin challenges his development team to learn more and more every day – encouraging them to spend at least 80 hours reading, learning, and researching new technological advances and skills in order to continuously improve.

As an Explorer and a father, Quentin notes that Explorance’s culture and value allows him to live both lives without one interfering with the other. Whether it’s adapting his schedule to spend more time with family or taking time off work when he needs it, Quentin knows he is still trusted and appreciated by all Explorers.

Quentin’s final piece of advice: Whether you’re at the office or working remotely, never have your morning coffee alone!

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