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Fanshawe College Moves Online with Blue Course Evaluations and Surveys

Montreal, Canada – Fanshawe College has selected Blue to transition to a fully integrated online course evaluation and survey system.

Migrating from paper, Fanshawe College requires a flexible solution that can integrate with IT systems, increase participation, and provide advanced reporting. Blue’s ability to integrate with Datatel and Brightspace by D2L will enable the institution to leverage their current data for full automation. By embedding assessments directly in the portal, the college can help increase engagement, LMS traffic, and response rates. As an institution dedicated to academic excellence, Fanshawe College can leverage Blue to view real-time results, obtain actionable insights, and track improvement over time.

Fanshawe College of Applied Arts and Technology is a publicly funded college with a focus on engineering, manufacturing, business management, and information technology. With 17,350 full-time students, 26,000 part-time students, and over 160,000 alumni, Fanshawe College is one of Ontario’s largest colleges. Providing excellence in academic learning and industry training, the institution offers over 150 degree, diploma, certificate, and apprenticeship training programs.

About Explorance

Explorance is the leading provider of Learning Experience Management (LEM) solutions for education, corporate, and consulting markets. By providing tools that assess needs, expectations, skills, knowledge, and competencies, Explorance assists organizations in developing a culture of improvement.

Blue® is an all-in-one assessment system that includes applications for course and instructor evaluations, 360 degree feedback, psychometric and knowledge tests, organization-wide surveys, and more. Unlike other solutions, Blue powers a cycle of continuous improvement through benchmarking, stakeholder assessment, sophisticated reporting, prescriptive analytics, and constant monitoring.

Founded in 2003, Explorance is a privately held corporation based in Montreal, Canada. Some of Explorance’s clients include University of Louisville, RMIT University, University of Toronto, University of Groningen, UAE University, UMPQUA Community College, The American Petroleum Institute, Fidelity Marketing, loanDepot, and NASA.

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