Blue 8.0.5 – All About Admin: Improved Data Importation, Charts, and a Big New Data Source Connection

Written by Lorcan Archer, Explorance.

Montreal, Quebec – 4 May 2022 –It’s a special release week at Explorance as we rolled out two new releases in the form of Blue 8.0.5 as well as Blue Dashboard 3.2.0, with both arriving on May 3. 

Blue is Explorance’s renowned People Insight platform and helps organizations to comprehensively manage feedback, realize crucial insights, and make better data-driven decisions, ultimately accelerating the insight to action process. From course evaluations in Higher Education to facilitating 360 degree feedback in Corporate settings, Blue is an all-in-one solution.

Our last major release, Blue 8, delivered a refreshed and highly accessible UI that delighted users.

With 8.0.5, we’ll be providing some love for Blue administrators.

These improvements lean into Blue’s automation and data-leveraging capabilities, ensuring that more messy processes, such as dealing with diverse data flows from different systems in combination with Blue, are addressed. This means that manual interventions on the part of administrators are significantly reduced.

With data management improved, admins can also look forward to formatting and visualization improvements, with a new graphic and chart improvements improving the end result of the process.

Finally, the data integration future of Blue looks especially bright in light of this release. It delivers the provision of Microsoft Dynamics as a fully supported and automatable data source connection type. 

What’s New? In Detail

Blue Product Manager Nitin SharmaNitin Sharma, VP of Product at Explorance: “This release has an administrative flavor to it. The two biggest aspects of this release are the report improvements and the duplicate data source handling. These improvements strip away the manual interventions that admins previously had to make when dealing with different data streams. There’s more flexibility, automation, and control for data imports, but we also deliver some major chart and report improvements.”

 Blue 8.0.5 Delivers: 

  • Enhanced Handling of Duplicate Records in Data Source Imports – A new option allows administrators to treat duplicate records as a single entry when pulling data from other systems into Blue. Identical records can now be treated as a single entry, and the transaction will complete successfully along with a log of the duplicates found for reference.
  • Data Import from Microsoft Dynamics – Microsoft Dynamics is now a supported data source connection type. This will allow data to be imported from Microsoft Dynamics on an automated schedule.
  • Export Subjects and Members from Expired Projects – Subjects and members listings (e.g., enrollment) can now be exported from an expired project. It is no longer necessary to “unexpired” the project first.
  • Clustered Horizontal Bar Chart Improvement – Question and Category Grouping question types (often used for Johari window analyses) offer a condensed visualization for larger lists of questions/categories via a new enhanced chart type called “Clustered horizontal bar”. In addition, the PDF/printer friendly format displays a header to easily identify the continuation of the block when spanning several pages.
  • Additional Options for Response Table Report Blocks – The responded count and invited count are now optional for the Response Table report blocks. These options were previously mandatory but are now optional and enabled by default.

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