A Supportive Work-Life Balance: Explorance Community Engagement Manager Hilda Batri

Written by Lorcan Archer - Content Marketing Specialist at Explorance.

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Work-life balance is important to get right. 

As busy professionals, we need to maintain sight of what really matters, including in our personal lives. When circumstances dictate that we re-adjust our focus, or where we need to physically be, the ability to flexibly respond is vital.

Built on trust, empowerment, and respect – the Culture of Free Will at Explorance is designed to let you do just that – focus on what really matters to you.

It is there for every single Explorer, letting you define the best way to work, collaborate, and deliver.

We believe that this engrained culture and commitment to freewill is one of the key factors that led to us again being selected in 2021 by Great Place to Work® Canada, including being ranked as a Best Workplace™ for Women.  

For every employee, this approach means being able to take the decisions you need to in your personal life, while being trusted and supported every step of the way.

In this, the latest in our series of bitesize video interviews, we spoke with Explorance’s Community Engagement Manager Hilda Batri, to discuss how this commitment to a work-life balance has played out in her own recent experiences.



From all of us at Explorance – thank you Hilda!

Stay tuned for further video updates.


 How a culture of free will is valued at Explorance

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