A New Editor Tool, Functionality, and Features – A Q&A on BlueX 1.8 with Chanh Do

Written by Lorcan Archer, Explorance.

A screenshot of BlueX 1.8

Explorance’s BlueX platform makes survey creation as simple and stress-free as possible, while offering great functionality and customizability. This is what makes it a great choice for organizations seeking to gather the information required.

The very latest release of BlueX – version 1.8 – doubles down on this offering by providing an improved editor tool, several highly useful new features and logic additions, and new language options.

What’s new in BlueX 1.8?

  • A newly redesigned editor tool, offering a smoother and more intuitive survey creation experience.
  • A new Question – Title placeholder function, simplifying and aiding the question creation process.
  • New Rank Question and Constant Sum features, adding to the versatility and functionality of custom forms.
  • Event-based surveys, enabling automatic survey initiation and distribution at a time that best suits your organization’s goals.
  • French language support within the BlueX application.

Q. Can you take us through these considerable updates that make up BlueX 1.8, Chanh?

Chanh: There are five major aspects to this update to BlueX, which will support an even smoother experience for users. Chief among these is the newly designed editor tool, but there are a number of additional features which add logic functionality, and better support ease-of-use in using BlueX to create surveys for any organization.

Q. What can we expect from the new editor interface?

Chanh: Users can expect a completely refreshed editor experience. There are numerous changes that have been made, but one of the outstanding changes is to the editor toolbar, which has been reorganized to provide quicker and easier access to some of the most commonly-used functions. Additionally, the ‘insert’ function has been upgraded, allowing insert options beyond ‘add media’, such as inserting page breaks, which will be particularly useful during the survey creation process.

Q. What other changes have been made to facilitate the survey creation process?

Chanh: We always bear in mind the needs of a new user when implementing changes to the UI of BlueX. Another improvement present in version 1.8 is simplifying the process of creating a question title through the use of a new Question Title placeholder. As the name suggests, this facilitates the insertion of a placeholder automatically once a question has been inserted into a survey, which will make things easier for clients who may be contending with tags and binding for the first time.

Additionally, we’ve updated our ranking question. This now will affect how things are displayed visually, with selected items being listed onscreen for better visibility, with drag and drop capability to change the order of these items as you see fit.

Q. Logic is an important factor in survey creation. What changes can we expect regarding this kind of functionality in BlueX 1.8?

Chanh: This version features a new constant sum question. This is a function component that allows for surveys to perform calculations. In this case, the survey will facilitate addition or subtraction. This can be placed in a custom grid, and will display answers based on the numeric inputs that survey takers have inputted. This functions both horizontally and vertically in a custom grid, allowing for versatility in design.

This kind of functionality can be very useful for more in-depth surveys. For example, an Enterprise user looking to gather feedback from individual employees on how a limited resource should be distributed could make good use of this new functionality.

Q. The surveys supplied by BlueX are distributed to individuals, many of whom are experiencing an ever-changing employee or student experience. How does BlueX 1.8 facilitate better responsiveness to their real-life situations?

Chanh: One of the most helpful new features available in this release is the ability to program event-based surveys. This allows for a private survey to be sent to recipients based on a predefined event. This includes demographic aspects, such as the initiation of a survey based on a hire date anniversary, or a birthday.

Users can apply any time frame they desire on top of this event-based survey, such as arranging for it to be dispatched 40 days after the hire date, 2 weeks after an annual review, or any other parameter. This ensures surveying efforts can be retained in accordance with these important events that each individual is experiencing. This could be particularly useful in following up with a new hire for example. This feature operates according to a defined response collection period, which helps ensure the right cohort of individuals are defined and identified prior to consultation.

Q. What are the new language capabilities of BlueX?

Chanh: We are proud to announce the addition of a French system language option to BlueX, with a drop-down menu on the BlueX homepage facilitating the change of general UI language to French from English. You can now create French surveys or English Surveys, depending on your need.

Q. Anything to note regarding the development process of BlueX 1.8?

Chanh: Many thanks to our Development and QA teams for this substantial release. As always, better functionality for the end-user was their priority, and they’ve worked hard to achieve that.


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About Chanh: An image of Explorance's head of Innovation Labs, Chanh Do

Chanh Do is the Head of Innovation Labs at Explorance. He is a technology enthusiast at heart and believes that technology should simplify life. He loves teamwork and creative, outside-of-the-box ideas when working on products. Chanh is a powerful force in Explorance’s Innovation Labs and uses his positive attitude and tireless energy to encourage teams to work hard and succeed. He has been an Explorer for over 10 years.

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