6 Questions to Consider Before Implementing a 360 Degree Feedback Process

Written by Explorance.

Before you launch a 360 feedback process in your organization there are several factors you need to consider. Previously we reviewed how to develop an effective 360 degree feedback process, which listed the integral steps in developing the procedure. But, how do you know if your company is ready for 360 degree reviews? Below we outline some of the questions you should consider to determine your company’s readiness for 360 feedback.

Is your organization ready for 360 degree feedback?

  1. Do you have executive buy-in?

    One of the most important aspects you need to consider is whether your 360 feedback process has upper-level management support (buy-in and resources).

    You need to determine:

    • Senior management’s level of commitment to the process
    • The role of senior management in the 360 degree process
    • The role of human resources in the process
    • Who will coordinate the process and act as the primary administrator
  2. Is the company culture conducive?

    You need to look closely at the current working culture to understand if it is favorable to a successful 360 process. An organization with a high level of trust, fairness and commitment is often more successful at implementing 360 reviews.

    You need to determine:

    • If the culture is open and honest
    • If there is cooperation in the workplace
    • If the company is committed to learning
    • What the level of trust is among employees
    • What the level of trust is among employees and management
  3. How will you position 360 degree feedback?

    How you position the 360 review process in your company is critical to its success. You need to be very clear on the purpose of 360 in your organization and on what the feedback will be used for.

    You need to determine:

    • If the 360 process will support a corporate strategy or goal
    • If reviews are currently used for performance appraisal and if you will be moving away from this approach
    • If the feedback will be used for personal employee development & training
    • If the results will be used for team development
  4. What is the employee perspective?

    Another aspect you need to consider is whether your employees are ready for a 360 degree feedback.

    You need to determine:

    • If employees are clear about their roles and how they fit into the company’s mission, vision and success
    • If employees know about and understand what a 360 feedback process is
    • Whether employees will believe management when they state feedback will remain confidential
    • Whether you will encounter employee resistance to the process
    • Whether employees will trust that 360 feedback will not be used for performance evaluation and compensation
  5. How will you implement the feedback?

    Before launching your 360 degree feedback process you need to have a clear idea of how you are going to use the feedback.

    You need to determine:

    • How you will address employee needs that are uncovered in the process (strengths & areas for improvement)
    • If individual training & development plans will be created and implemented
    • If an organization-wide development & training program will be implemented
    • If there is commitment from coaches or mentors to help employees
  6. Do you have the necessary resources?

    It is important also to consider the finances and resources necessary to launch and administer a 360 degree process.

    You need to determine:

    • If there are available finances to purchase a 360 feedback system
    • Whether there are in-house staff available to administer the process
    • If you’re going to out-source the administration of the 360 process (and accompanying finances)
    • Whether funding has been allocated for development & training opportunities for employees
    • If there are available in-house coaches and mentors

Are you considering implementing a 360 degree feedback process? Do you feel that your organization is ready? 

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