3 Activities to Increase Employee Morale

Written by Emily Bosak, Digital PR Manager at Markitors.

There is a fundamental shift in the way we operate in the workplace – from individuals to small businesses up to mega-corporations. Long gone are the old business models where an employee works for one company right out of high school or college and then retires with the same company 40 years later. 

Because of this change, we are witnessing one of the lowest levels of employee loyalty and engagement in the workplace. Workers of the last two generations have been much quicker to leave one company for another, citing a variety of reasons, from salary to better opportunities. The problem of employee retention is becoming so prevalent that many businesses are now actively dedicating significant resources to reduce employee turnover.

One of the most important aspects of managing employee retention has always stayed the same: company and individual morale. Here are three fun ways to increase morale and employee satisfaction.

Team Volunteer Projects

Team volunteer projects could include any charities or causes that could help enrich the community. For example, there are projects like building homes for people or helping out at a shelter or kitchen. 

If you are a company with multiple offices and virtual or remote teams, you can foster cross-team collaboration and connection using a people engagement network like Bluepulse. Bluepulse can also improve overall collaboration on any work-related task that local and remote employees need to handle together.

Explorance supports many causes and charitable foundations, including 60 Million Girls, the Goucher Prison Education Partnership (GPEP), and the Canadian Red Cross. To learn more about our dedication and passion for Corporate Social Responsibility, read our approach.

Form a Company Sport/Recreation Team

If your company is looking for a way to increase morale and company wellness, then participating in recreational sports as a team is an excellent option. For example, sports like soccer, volleyball, and basketball are often the most popular team activities. Overall, it is shown that working out with a crowd can be a great motivational booster. With weight loss programs, for instance, most people find themselves more dedicated to it when they join a group of friends. 


Another option that explores exercise is joining a gym as a company. Your team can participate in group fitness classes to build their relationships and overall motivation. In the end, by working towards a shared goal, your team builds relationships and morale in a way that also benefits their well-being. 

A Scavenger Hunt or Escape Room

Scavenger hunts and escape rooms are fun and enjoyable ways to let employees bond. Plus, they are great for building teamwork, problem-solving, and collaboration/communication skills. 

Another benefit of these particular activities is that you can break your team down into very small teams (as small as two people). So, if you want your team to focus on individual partners or small group skills, it’s easy to achieve. Let’s say two employees who work closely together have an issue with communication; a scavenger hunt is a great way to foster better communication habits in a more relaxed environment. 

By giving your team a fictional mystery to solve in an Escape Room, you are giving them a safe-to-fail environment. In other words, your team can work through procedures that might not otherwise work at the office without the worry of how it may negatively impact your company or the team. Plus, your team can apply the skills they learned in this fictional space to real issues in the workplace. 

*Honorable Mentions*

There are many other activities that you can do as a team to increase employee morale. These include:

  • In-office board/card game night
  • Mini-golf or batting cages
  • Corporate day or retreats like guided fishing expeditions, hikes, and cruises

These have all been praised as fantastic ways to relax, get to know each other in an outside-the-office way, and increase team efficiency back at the job.

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