Student as partners or customers?

Does out relationship with students affect how we hear and respond to the student voice?

Presenter: Ailsa Crum, PhD, Head of Quality and Enhancement, The Quality Assurance Agency, Scotland

This keynote speech – from the Bluenotes Global 2020 virtual experience – considers how The Quality Assurance Agency of Scotland engage students and how they intend to use the student views they gather. It introduces some of the insights and tools developed as part of the current enhancement theme, Evidence for Enhancement and related projects.

Dr Ailsa Crum is Head of Quality & Enhancement at QAA Scotland, which involves overseeing the review and enhancement activities designed and delivered in close association with the Scottish university sector and its students. She has a range of sector engagements (e.g. Scottish Funding Council and SCQF Partnership) and links outside the UK including with: the Academic Quality Agency for New Zealand Universities, the European Quality Audit Network, Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI) and the University of Limerick. She is experienced in national strategy and policy design and delivery, engaging Government, multi-agencies and students in policy creation, implementation, and communication. Outside work, she has a research interest in literary memoir and all forms of storytelling.

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