Moving Course Evaluations Away from Paper — Once and For All

Presenters: Brad Wuetherick, Executive Director of Learning and Teaching Center at Dalhousie University
Cherie Werhun, Strategic Lead of Signature Learning at Sheridan College

Presented by two Blue-powered institutions Dalhousie University and Sheridan College, this webinar session looks at the process of moving course evaluations from paper to an online system like Blue. During the session, the presenters discuss a high level overview of the transition at their own institutions, as well as the following topics:

  • What were the different objectives and reasons for transitioning course evaluations online?
  • Who were the key stakeholder and drivers of the process?
  • What were some of the motivations and objections?
  • How did they overcome the obstacles and challenges to transitioning online?
  • How did they manage to overcome them?
  • What were some of the benefits once the transition to the Blue online course evaluation system was completed?


In a previous blog, we discussed 5 Reasons Why Your Educational Institution Needs to Move Towards an Automated Course Evaluation System.

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