Measurement Practices that Drive Measurable Improvements

Presented by:
Anna Voung, ConocoPhillips, Learning Specialist

A major jump in response rates has been recorded over the last year in relation to the work done by the L&D team at ConocoPhillips, which operates as a sub-group of talent management. These response rates have increased from approximately 50% to levels above 90% for those groups who have been utilizing MTM in this section of the business.

This has resulted in engagement from other sections and teams, as interest around the application of MTM has risen. A significant factor in this engagement is the reduction in time-to-insight, with stakeholders being rapidly informed via MTM’s dashboard features. Crucially, actual scores in many L&D programs are increasing.

This webinar will delve into how this success was realized, with a focus on measurement processes and how these were improved from middling to high-performance. Many aspects will be explored in detail, including how to own a measurement process, goal setting, grasping information needs, and other important factors to consider.

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