Leadership and Manager Development: Leveraging the Power of 360-degree Feedback


Shawn Overcast, Chief Insights Officer

Karen Cozzie, Principal Consultant



The past few years have brought hyper-disruption to our workplaces and workforce. HR and leadership are faced with challenges of engaging and retaining their employees, managing continual change, upskilling and reskilling employees, and evolving business process to stay competitive with the changing landscape of business across the globe.

Leaders and managers play a critical role in managing the people imperative and are being asked to demonstrate capabilities beyond what they have had to do in the past. Setting strategic vision and direction, demonstrating integrity and trust, driving and guiding change, and executing for results are still important, but so too are agility, resilience, and enabling diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.

Watch this webinar to learn more about Multi-Rater (360) Assessments, the value they bring to your organization, best practices to facilitate the process, and the steps needed to be successful.


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