Enhancing Module Evaluation Feedback Reporting at Northumbria University

A Journey Forward: How Northumbria University Increased Survey Engagement for Both Staff and Students

Since adopting the course evaluation solution Blue in 2019/20, Northumbria University have made a number of changes to increase survey engagement with surveys for both staff and students. 

This session highlights some of policy changes as well as the operational improvements which have increased engagement in the Blue environment and evaluation processes. 

Presentation outcomes are as below: 

  • Northumbria University’s journey so far with electronic module evaluations
  • The use of VAT (Value Added Tech) – Datasource integrations and Blackboard Pops
  • Lessons Learned and Northumbria University’s future direction of travel 

“We sought to move from paper to electronic surveys and issued a tender for an online solution. The University was clear that procuring an online solution would support objectives on student voice and student feedback.” Harriet Walshaw, Portfolio Manager, Transformation Management Team, Northumbria University. 


Danielle Grenade, Governance and Enhancement Coordinator

Danielle Grenade has been working at Northumbria University since 2007 and has worked in numerous professional support roles within the University. This includes working in the areas of Postgraduate research, Collaborative Ventures academic support, Professional, Statutory & Regulatory Bodies, and coordinating and supporting University and Faculty level Committees. Danielle has worked in the Quality and Teaching Excellence Team since 2017 where she has overseen a Faculty Education Committee and looked after a university project for giving staff funding for projects which further the student experience. In addition to this during this time, Danielle has also overseen the operational side of Learning and Teaching Surveys and is currently working with Emma Watson alongside other colleagues to deliver module evaluations, programme surveys and pulse surveys via electronic platforms. Danielle feeds into the University Policy which underpins the University’s Learning and Teaching Surveys. 

Emma Watson, Quality and Teaching Excellence Coordinator

A governance professional with a wide range of experience in the commercial and Higher Education sectors. Emma has a background in representing the student voice from the student perspective; managing the student rep system and supporting the UG & PG Education sabbatical officers at Durham Students’ Union, and is now jointly responsible for the day to day management of Northumbria Learning and Teaching surveys and developing the Learning and Teaching Survey policy with Danielle Grenade. Having joined Northumbria in October 2019, Emma is also responsible for supporting University level committees and the maintenance of academic policies and regulations.

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