Driving Post-Training Engagement with Bluepulse

Justin Taylor: Chief Customer Office, Explorance
Nitin Sharma: Director of Product Management, Explorance

Throughout 2020, L&D organizations have continued to respond and rise to the challenges and try to seek new ways to support their learners during the rapid acceleration to remote learning. While there are lots of remote learning adaptation happening, some areas continue to challenge L&D teams, such as post-learning engagement and training adaptation.

L&D impact now and in the future will require new approaches to engage and support learners outside the formal learning experience. This webinar looks at better ways to drive that engagement and application on the job through continuous listening strategies and solutions like Bluepulse. Topics covered include:

  • The current landscape of training impact
  • What is continuous listening?
  • What does continuous listening look like in action?
  • Tips for getting started

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