Do You Know Where Your Skills Are? Using 360 Assessments to Close Skill Gaps after the Great Reshuffle

Peggy Parskey, Principal Consultant, Explorance



The Great Reshuffle has profoundly impacted workers who have ‘traded up’ their jobs in record numbers. Analysts believe that the Great Reshuffle will continue, and that most companies will continue to experience an ongoing brain drain as their skilled workers leave and leaders struggle to replace them. How long will it take to rebuild your workforce from the Great Resignation? Two years? Five years? Even longer? Can you afford to wait that long? If you conduct 360 assessments today, you may be sitting on a data goldmine that can provide meaningful and deep insight into your skill gaps and opportunities. If you aren’t using 360’s, you should consider it as vital tool to address the ongoing labor and skills shortage that is high on the priority list of most CEOs.


Watch this webinar to learn about how our 360 process, analytics and technology can supercharge your workforce planning strategies and help mitigate the impact of the revolving door of talent.

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