Context with Qualitative Data — Using Text Analytics to Tell an Impact Story

Presenter: Justin Taylor, Chief Customer Officer at Explorance

In this webinar, we share some perspectives, and real-world examples of how you can layer qualitative data analysis into the insights gathered across the employee journey to drive real impact.  As we measure and understand our employee experiences, actionable insights are often hidden deep in their open text comments. But – analyzing text comments is not easy. The webinar focuses on two themes:

1-Removing and resolving barriers when it comes to the analysis of employee comments

  • Advances in our sophistication around machine learning and natural language processing help resolve these barriers. Tools like BlueML make the output of the analysis of employee comments more accurate and helpful, and digestible.

2-What to do after you’ve done the analysis of your employee comments

  • Having the right comment analysis tool can make laying qualitative analysis into your decision-making process straightforward. It can be powerful in driving and informing more contextualized actions that can drive greater impact for your organization.

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