A Dynamic Approach to Implementation of Blue at Strathclyde

Presented by:
Brian Green, Caroline Breslin, Jacqueline Jahn, Lorna Robertson | University of Strathclyde

Implementing a comprehensive experience management platform, such as Blue, is an important undertaking for a higher education institution. This webinar gives an informative account of what this application can look like.

In this detailed presentation, staff from the University of Strathclyde detail how a dynamic application of Blue at the university was planned and delivered over a two-year period. This includes breaking down data governance, academic representation, and the sequential approach that was adopted to incorporate Blue’s capabilities. An exceptionally well-documented example of Blue’s ability to meet this large university’s faculty and institutional needs, the integration with the university’s Moodle-based virtual learning environment is also covered, as are up-to-date evaluations on further integration measures.

Impact of a Holistic Experience Management Integration

A platform developed with flexibility and deep sights at its core, Blue can be integrated alongside a host of VLEs to deliver exactly what an institution requires. Capable of automating flexible feedback gathering processes, it can deliver ongoing experience management support, while centralizing data and helping to chart a student’s progress from application to graduation.

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