Student Voices: The Complete Guide on How to Increase Student Engagement in Evaluations

Insight and Top Tips from Universities

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Why is Student Engagement Important?

Student engagement in course evaluations (also called module evaluations) is vital because it provides comprehensive feedback, reflects diverse perspectives, promotes student-centered education, facilitates open communication, and drives continuous improvement in teaching and learning practices. It empowers students as active participants in their education and helps educators create an effective, learner-centric environment guided by the student voice.

In this publication, Student Voice: The Complete Guide on How to Increase Student Engagement in Evaluations, we share insight and top tips from Higher Education leaders who have successfully engaged the student voice as they seek to improve their teaching and learning.

Our contributors represent universities from across the globe and provide practical guidance on the following:

  • The key steps taken, from policy to delivery.
  • How students can be empowered in partnership.
  • The importance of a good communications plan.
  • Why closing the feedback loop is essential.
  • Addressing challenges/blockages on the way.

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