Learning Analytics
Using Talent Data to Improve Business Outcomes

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About the book

Effective evaluation and measurement of learning and development initiatives is critical to maximise the impact of training, identify gaps for improvement and ensure that efforts are aligned to the business' needs. Learning Analytics outlines how analytical approaches can respond to these challenges, the types and benefits of technological solutions and how to ask the right questions of organizational data in order to build a learning organization that boosts performance and competitive advantage.

Drawing upon case studies from organizations who have applied such approaches such as The Gap, Hilton Worldwide University and Seagate Technology, Learning Analytics will enable those involved in learning and development to make the business case for their activities and deliver an evidence-based service to their organizations. Alongside updated chapters on learning technology tools and moving beyond learning analytics to talent management analytics, this second edition also features new content on measuring informal learning, increasing data literacy, and framing L&D's contributions through a portfolio evaluation approach.

  • Chapter - 01: What is learning analytics?;
  • Chapter - 02: Technology’s role in learning measurement;
  • Chapter - 03: Linking learning to business impact;
  • Chapter - 04: Scrap learning: the new leading indicator of success;
  • Chapter - 05: Aligning L&D to business goals through needs assessment;
  • Chapter - 06: Benchmarks;
  • Chapter - 07: Optimizing investments in learning;
  • Chapter - 08: Beyond learning analytics to talent management analytics;
  • and more

About the authors

Cristina Hall image

Cristina Hall

Cristina Hall is Vice President of Marketing at Explorance and is based in Chicago. Over the past 14 years she has helped hundreds of organizations implement and refine their approach to evaluating learning programmes. Previously she worked in corporate finance in Fortune 100 organizations.

Meet the author of Learning Analytics: Cristina Hall

John R Mattox II image

John R Mattox II

John R Mattox II is the Head of Talent Research at Explorance, and is based in Franklin, Tennessee. He helps clients develop measurement strategies to improve business performance by measuring the impact of training. Mattox was previously a Principal Consultant with Gartner and led training evaluation teams at KPMG, PwC and Arthur Andersen.

Meet the author of Learning Analytics: John R Mattox II

Peggy Parskey image

Peggy Parskey

Peggy Parskey is a part-time Principal Consultant at Explorance. Based in Connecticut, she also runs her own consulting firm, Parskey Consulting, which provides organizational improvement initiatives to Fortune 500 firms.

Meet the author of Learning Analytics: Peggy Parskey

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