A Purpose-built Comment Analysis Solution

Get in-depth analysis of your open text comments in seconds with Blue Machine Learning (BlueML) solutions. Now you can see what matters most to your employees, and instantly get more actionable insights to streamline your decisions.

A targeted way to get deeper insights.

Most comment analysis tools use a generic one-size-fits-all approach usually based on customer experience machine learning models. However, when you look at the employee journey, they’re made up of specific components around experience and learning.

With BlueML, you can leverage specialized models that will accurately consume and analyze comments from each area along the employee journey, giving you context specific categorization.

EEC Employee

  • Workload
  • Work-life balance
  • Job security
  • Work at home
  • Discrimination
  • Diversity

ELC Employee

  • Instructor
  • Class-participation
  • Learning activities
  • Training material
  • Expectations/objectives
  • Software

Go a step beyond comment categorization.

BlueML includes several supporting models to help you dig deeper into open text comments, so you get the context you need to help illuminate blind spots.


Get an accurate view of the overall sentiments in employee comments (Very negative, negative, neutral, positive, very positive, ambiguous)


Go beyond categories to find out if a comment is a formative forward-looking recommendation of what you should start, stop, and continue doing.

Predictive indicators

Look at patterns of employee feedback and detect behavior so you can get ahead of any issues before it is too late.

Automatically get all the interpretations you need.

An interactive “comment-first” analytics tool, the BlueML dashboard allows you to slice and dice your data in real-time. Now you can give leaders the insights they need to identify trends, challenges, and opportunities. Easily correlate themes with categories, behaviors, sentiments, and recommendations. Breakdown comments analysis by any criteria (department, age, gender, etc.) to get a more accurate view of what is truly being said.

What sets BlueML apart?

BlueML uses proprietary machine learning models built for the employee journey and includes real comments and scenarios. What does that mean? It means that BlueML models will continue to learn and improve over time, giving you the richest insights possible. It can be leveraged for any comments captured within the Blue experience management platform or other solutions.

Feature highlights

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Multiple models

Get a complete picture of the employee journey with BlueML specialized models (EEC, ELC, Polarity, Recommendations).

In-depth analysis

Automatically capture, categorize, analyze, and predict from open text comments – whether from internal surveys and/or external sites.

Uncover trends

Go beyond sentiments to identify if comments relate to key Learning and HR themes to better understand the most common topics and trends.

Richer insights

Leverage support for multiple attributes and categories per comment for more specific and in-depth insights.

Specialized themes

Access models that cover more than a hundred Learning and HR validated categories and modeled with more than 700,000 real comments.

Cross tabulation

Filter BlueML insights by any demographic or response based context, and group the data to identify patterns, trends, and correlations in comments.

Export analysis

Export the analysis result of one specific attribute, only the comments that have been categorized, or all the analyzed text into an excel worksheet.

Third party integration

BlueML dashboard can be integrated into all Blue solutions, but also comes as a standalone app.

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