New Horizons South Florida Returns to MTM to Measure Learning Effectiveness

Montreal, Quebec – March 15, 2021 – New Horizons South Florida, a leading provider of IT skills training to corporations, organizations and individuals, has  partnered with Explorance and will leverage Metrics That Matter (MTM) to measure learning effectiveness.

This marks New Horizons South Florida’s return to Explorance as an MTM user.

After a period of time exploring other solutions, the company’s assessment of MTM’s recent enhancements, including upgraded survey designs, new reporting tools, and automated features made it the natural choice for the organization.

As one of the largest professional learning providers in the US, insight into learning effectiveness is vital for New Horizons. With MTM swiftly reintegrated, New Horizons can rapidly produce highly meaningful, automated reports, to better ensure a quality learning experience that boosts future enrollment and loyalty.

Commenting on the agreement, Ryan Swartz, Sr. Director of Education and Operations, stated:

“I’m excited to announce we’ve decided to move back to MTM. Their customer service efforts helped us understand what we were missing, and how to make better business decisions.”

He continued: “With MTM’s hands-on approach, we’re re-implementing an evaluation system and processes in line with best practices – providing an outstanding survey experience to our customers.”

As a leading IT training firm, New Horizons also highlighted MTM’s ease-of-use as an important aspect, with a user-friendly experience being a key factor that led to this decision.

More about New Horizons

With locations in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach, New Horizons Computer Learning Centers of South Florida has been a leading IT education firm and learning solutions provider for over 25 years.

New Horizons provides an extensive range of vendor-authorized training courses for the top technology platforms and solutions, with certified instruction and online learning fully supported.


Lorcan Archer
Content Marketing Specialist

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