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Institution-wide expansion of Blue course evaluation system for Aarhus University

Release date: July 2020

Aarhus University (AU), one of the largest Higher Education institutions in Denmark with approximately 35,000 students, is to expand the use of Explorance’s Blue across the University from January 2021 alongside a new learning management system.

Blue has been used by AU’s School of Business and Social Sciences since 2014 and now the University, and its Arts, Health, Natural Sciences and Technical Sciences faculties, will also benefit from a fully integrated and comprehensive course evaluation system.

“Colleagues in the Business School have spoken very positively about Blue: reporting a really good implementation and a good collaboration with Explorance, which they have advised is an excellent strategic partner and extremely responsive to technical questions,” explained Frederik Langkjaer, Division Manager for Educational Development and Analysis.

“As we are changing our learning management system to Brightspace, this has facilitated the potential to implement Blue across the University. Having Blue within our learning management system gives us more flexibility in terms of different set-ups for different forms of teaching and stronger intelligence on different types of courses. We are excited about the extension of a proven partnership.”

Merethe Haugaard, Team Co-ordinator for Educational Development and Quality Assurance said: “We have already done a lot of work on our survey administration at a strategic and operational level, including increasing response rates, but now we will have even better data-driven quality assurance. Having Blue embedded in our learning management system will be easier for the end user, for teachers as much as students, and the Data Integrity Gateway will help us to maintain high-quality data. Going forward, this will be an easier way to support student surveys and evaluation.”

Frederik added: “This is a big step up for us. However, we are confident of a seamless process of expansion and alignment to Brightspace, as well as a continuing positive relationship with Explorance which has already delivered to the sector as well as understanding our needs and institutional objectives. Through Explorance, we will also be able to work with other universities to understand and share the benefits of the Blue system – conversations with lots of other providers can only support our development.”

John Atherton, Explorance’s General Manager – Europe and Africa, said: “AU is a top 100 university with award-winning research and 50+ Master’s and Bachelor’s programmes taught in English. We are really looking forward to building on our work with AU School of Business and Social Science and supporting the successful expansion of Blue across the whole university from the start of next year.”

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