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Indiana University—Purdue University Columbus Votes for Blue Course Evaluations

Montreal, Canada – May 12, 2015 – Indiana University—Purdue University Columbus (IUPUC) has selected Blue to manage, administer, and automate course evaluations campus-wide. IUPUC joins Indiana University Bloomington and Indiana University South Bend in leveraging Blue as a comprehensive system to achieve teaching and learning excellence.

Committed to providing quality education, IUPUC requires a flexible solution that can integrate with its current systems, increase accessibility, and generate detailed reports. Blue’s ability to seamlessly connect with the institution’s student information system, Peoplesoft, will enable the school to synchronize data and automate processes. Through Blue and Canvas integration, the school can embed forms directly in the portal to increase accessibility, student engagement, and response rates.

In order to drive continuous improvement, it is necessary for IUPUC to gather detailed course evaluation data. With Blue, the institution can view real-time results, create a variety of report types, and track improvement over time. To meet the diverse needs of its stakeholders, IUPUC can tailor reports at any level including institution-wide and by faculty, department, instructor, course, etc. In addition to these key features, the university will be able to handle complex assessments such as cross-listed and team-taught courses and evaluate courses with different start/end dates.

Established in 1970, Indiana University—Purdue University Columbus is a public university located in Columbus, Indiana. A unique combination of two globally recognized Big Ten schools, Indiana University and Purdue University, IUPUC provides affordable, top-quality bachelor's and master's degrees. Striving for excellence, the university aims to be the first choice for students who seek a small campus experience that emphasizes intellectual and personal development, community engagement, and preparation to enter the global workforce.


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