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Explorance Unlocks the Next Generation of Feedback Analytics: Unveils Blue 9, Empowering Feedback for the Brave

Montreal, November 14, 2023 — Explorance, a global leader in feedback analytics solutions, today launched Blue 9. The next generation feedback software born out of twenty years of expertise transcends traditional feedback boundaries ushering in a new era of data-driven decision-making within HR and Higher Education space.

In a world where feedback serves as the cornerstone for growth, Blue 9 emerges as the catalyst addressing a crucial challenge plaguing organizations today: ineffective listening. It tackles the pressing need to transform feedback from a mere data collection exercise, into a dynamic, two-way conversation. By equipping organizations to act on collected feedback promptly with best-in-class integration, Blue 9 facilitates a transformative shift from passive data accumulation to active engagement propelling meaningful change.

Samer Saab, Founder & CEO of Explorance, emphasizes the potential of this next-generation feedback software, “Blue 9 promises to revolutionize organizational agility and drive improved business performance by empowering organizations to act on feedback more effectively than ever before.”

Built upon five pivotal components, Explorance Blue 9:

  • Enables Feedback as a First-Class Citizen: Providing a unified experience for in-depth analysis by narrowing the gap between information type and source, effortlessly integrating with leading LMSs, HRISs and SISs such as Cornerstone, Instructure, Workday, Ellucian Ethos and more – simplifying data collection and improving feedback.
  • Identifies Moments That Matter: Prioritizing the most critical feedback moments, including skills, knowledge, courses etc. enabling organizations to take decisive actions with tailored insights.
  • Democratizes Feedback: Covering every angle of experience. Regardless of where one is in their employment or education journey, Blue 9 provides a dedicated space for their voice, offering an intuitive and personalized experience.
  • Makes Feedback Conversational: Leveraging advanced analytics and machine learning, feedback becomes more dynamic, engaging, and insightful, bridging the gap between data and actionable insights.
  • Creates a Safe Space for Feedback: Enabling organizations to collect insights across communities, with advanced authentication and expanded Single Sign-On (SSO) support for data integrity and protection.

“Blue 9 marks a pivotal moment in the feedback analytics landscape as we constantly work to close the loop from listening, analyzing, to taking action, propelling organizations into a new realm of growth.” adds Samer Saab.

About Explorance

Explorance empowers organizations with next-generation feedback analytics to accelerate the insight-to-action cycle, encouraging the philosophy of “Feedback for the brave” to drive purpose, impact, and growth.

Bringing 20 years of expertise, Explorance, a member of the World Economic Forum and a trusted partner for 35% of Fortune 100 companies and 25% of the world’s top higher education institutions, has influenced over 25 million individuals with award-winning solutions like Blue, Metrics That Matter, and MLY.

Consistently among the top employers by the Great Places to Work Institute®, Explorance, a Brandon Hall AI award winner, is also a two-time Global Leader in the 360-degree feedback market by Fortune Business Insights.

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