Explorance Receives Brandon Hall Group Award for its Innovative Model in Evaluating Informal Learning

Explorance received the Silver Award from the Brandon Hall Group for the Best Advance in Technology for Testing or Learning Evaluation on February 5th. The award was shared with Explorance clients Mastercard and Heartland Dental, affirming our contribution to assisting organizations in assessing the effectiveness of informal learning pathways in conjunction with formal learning evaluations.

The Metrics That Matter L&D Effectiveness solution addresses aspects beyond activity and learner satisfaction, such as quality of training, learning effectiveness, the applicability of training to the employee’s duties, and expected training impact. MTM also provides reports and dashboards that summarize the data, offering comparative insights and specific recommendations for improvement.

To learn how Mastercard targeted 12 informal learning pathways to evaluate the effectiveness of their training programs, listen to the recorded webinar.

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