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Explorance Co-Authors Articles with Gallup on Unlocking Potential of 360-Degree Feedback

Montreal, Quebec – 7 October 2021 – Explorance’s Director of Consulting, Jennifer Balcom, recently collaborated with Ben Wigert, Director of Research and Strategy, Workplace Management at Gallup for two articles published by on the potential of 360-Degree Feedback.

These articles focused on the major benefits to business goals that can be achieved if business leaders truly grasp this powerful feedback method – which has been frequently misunderstood and misapplied in recent years.

These articles cover how 360-Degree Feedback can be effectively employed to better realize professional development, break from unsuccessful assessment methods, and more effectively unlock the impact of multi-rater feedback.

The first article is entitled “The 360-Degree Feedback Tool and How It Benefits Leadership”.

The second article was published under the title “How to Unlock The Full Potential of 360-Degree Feedback”.

Lorcan Archer
Content Marketing Specialist 


Realize the Benefits of 360-Degree Feedback and Connect the Dots Across Your Talent Landscape

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