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Explorance Brings AI to Learning Measurement Solution, Accelerating Organizational Growth

Montreal, Quebec – June 6, 2024 – Explorance, the leader in Feedback Analytics solutions, today announces a transformative update to Learning Measurement solution Metrics That Matter (MTM). Now featuring Explorance’s AI-powered MLY, MTM combines quantitative and qualitative data to provide a comprehensive learning analysis.

With the integration of MLY into MTM, users gain access to a comprehensive suite of tools that unlock the full potential of their data. This integration allows for the seamless intertwining of quantitative and qualitative data, enabling users to uncover hidden correlations, actionable insights, and next steps for improvement. By employing this holistic approach, MTM fosters a deeper understanding of trends, patterns, and learner preferences. Ultimately, this ensures that learners’ skills align with job requirements, fortifying the workforce and enhancing organizational competitiveness, productivity, and innovation.

Also available as a standalone solution, MLY distills unstructured feedback sources into actionable feedback, allowing organizations to efficiently analyze and leverage qualitative data. The update seamlessly integrates MLY with MTM and helps stakeholders make more informed decisions by automatically analyzing comments and including their sentiment, topics, and recommendations in Dashboards. This fusion empowers organizations to swiftly and accurately make data-driven decisions.

“This integration of MLY into MTM marks a significant milestone in our journey towards empowering organizations with actionable insights. By harnessing the power of AI, Metrics That Matter now provides not only data analysis but a transformative roadmap for organizational growth and performance,” says Samer Saab, Founder and CEO of Explorance. “This advancement reaffirms our commitment to driving purpose, impact, and growth, while addressing the critical skills gap in today’s evolving landscape.”

New Explorance MTM features and functionalities:

  • Includes qualitative data in customizable dashboard views: Users can now include comment data within their existing personalized views of their data within dashboards, showcasing interconnected quantitative and qualitative data. They can delve into the data within dashboard widgets, enabling the identification of specific, actionable insights.
  • Prescriptive decision-making & accelerated insight: Swiftly identifies key trends and insights, facilitating prompt responses to organizational challenges. Additionally, it provides actionable recommendations derived directly from learners themselves.
  • Sentiment trend analysis: Includes a sentiment trend analysis feature that tracks shifts in sentiment over time, allowing users to assess the effectiveness of L&D initiatives and implement recommended improvements.
  • Alerts system: Pinpoints comments containing concerning language requiring immediate review, enabling efficient and proactive management.

Explorance will showcase the updated MTM dashboard at Explorance World 2024, a three-day conference catered to all who harness feedback and AI to nurture learner success and employee experience across all industries.

About Explorance

Explorance empowers organizations with next-generation feedback analytics to accelerate the insight-to-action cycle, encouraging the philosophy of “Feedback for the brave” to drive purpose, impact, and growth.

Bringing 20 years of expertise, Explorance, a member of the World Economic Forum and a trusted partner for 35% of Fortune 100 companies and 25% of the world’s top higher education institutions, has influenced over 25 million individuals with award-winning solutions like Blue, Metrics That Matter, and MLY.

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